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I’ve published a post the other day so the difference between people and animals. Him here , you can reach. I advise you to come to him first and then read this.
After that summer, abuse, harassment and rape cases came across. I was curious when I saw this disgusting situation in our country, I said, “adultery is free in Europe , I wonder if this situation is harassment, rape and helps to reduce cases of abuse?
Adultery is free in place before you begin to research, if the man makes goes as he wants, and thus in such cases would have fallen. It’s actually a very logical thought. If I said this, the degradation of cases, even if the end gives rise to in the world make this event free and minimize these events. This event is true if you think of the situation I slept. And everyone else would see the need for.
Yes, now I can share the results of my research I wrote my first thought.
I analyzed all data between 2003 and 2016. I’m going to share some of them here.
It is our “Advanced Civilization” there was in what we call, or, the world’s most undeveloped of Civilizations there actually output. I came across something which made even the jahiliya. In the Middle Ages a “witch hunt” on the pretext of, burned alive, drowned, the worst tortures and rape by dozens of people and wrecking every time the oppressed in the age of the children with their women, from Latin America to Africa, “native”, recently approached Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, “Asian”, starting from Algeria, Eritrea, Palestine, the Balkans, Chechnya, Iraq and Syria, including Muslim women and children throughout the history of barbarism and attacking the honour of women and children raped and murdered, which number can be known “an advanced civilization”.
Well, “freedom to the woman” under the name of a woman serving all the communities with nudity pimp the privacy-minded, the status of women and children, rapist, enemy civilizations, what is today?
Based on the direction of disturbing the conscience of the subject, without further ado, “an advanced civilization” which he had written with his own hand the official statistics put it briefly, nowadays we will give you a part of Terror on women and children sexual and physical estirdik:
Yes, now I share the results.
In the following picture (1), 2013 latest and official published at the national level the United Nations by the security agencies saved “rape” in the case of statistical data, we can see a graphical schema of putting it. Were not recorded, and fear, suppression, don’t be shy, and brings with it many reasons for people explained they are raped does not take the place of the cases, on the other hand, the western that occurred within the life style of rape “victims” by events where we are met of course if you add maybe we can imagine the horrific dimensions of this crime against humanity.

Including Turkey, from 1974 until 2003, the decrease seen in the crime of rape, are on the rise again since 2003.
However, in recent years, showing a similar increase in India, “gang rape” of the actual, in Sweden that is no longer remembered in the form of ordinary daily events, and even on the news agenda being carried tabiilik not introduced in a film.
But one of the events that we are required to retake the statistical data that describes the organization of the United Nations from various countries of the rape of their designated judicial elements.
You may have noticed a separate the statistical data necessarily to draw attention to important details.
Yes, the picture of the States listed above in the first 15% in Muslim countries Western Europe Barbarian, is located on the continent of America States, then it’s a way of life that includes the degenerate Western countries
“sexual abuse and rape of children”
Dealing with this topic and most mention I’ve heard in a very short while because of the discomfort “in which countries these crimes are being committed against children?”I want to finish putting data in the flour
Again, “what happened to the records,” age ranging from 2-14 “which Inflicts sexual abuse of children and rape” the country attracts the head of European countries.
The first three of them in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Germany’s “crimes of sexual abuse of children and rape”in criminal law, many rapist committed the same crimes again and again, so flexible that it is a fact. The country has more than 300,000 per year in % as it happens, 10,000 to 25,000 years in Austria, in Switzerland, in the vicinity of 40,000 to 50,000 “sexual abuse and rape” is taking place.
Let’s “freedoms” and “crazy,” a country of America to the United Nations…
One in every four women in America of men and 9% at the age of 11 as to Section 7, and not necessarily “sexual abuse or rape”, it is assumed that you suffered. This “assumption”, the concept of “above the tip of the iceberg” is much more than the statistics given in the form of “correct” is a way of life that you observe that Western every human knows.
In America, starting in childhood, these attacks can take three to five years.
The point we wish to draw big letters under this topic, if it refrains from serious statistical data to be produced and no country.
Assumptions, statistics lie, while the West inherited from ancestors, the Barbarian society which “woman” in the understanding of “global” in diameter continues.
The act of rape, “abuse” refines the concept of(!) in a of course.
1. Ethiopia
is the most intense in the world one of the countries where violence against women and sexual assaults. 60% of women in case you has been sexually abused, here is an undeveloped civilization.
2. In India,
every 22 minutes a woman gets raped. Moreover, almost half of these rapes women near performing. Here’s another undeveloped civilization. Now the situation is a bit more has fallen.
3. Canada
another undeveloped civilization. The most lively Place in the world was a minute or Canada? Behold, “the most advanced civilization in the world was it?” -this to be a mistake later – there’s nothing wrong. One out of every 3 women is sexually abused, ” he says. Moreover, this rate has increased recently. Although the majority of both events didn’t go to the police or to court.
4. Sweden
undeveloped civilization than another. You yiyon us giddy. Switzerland is the best place. How? Like honey. Canada said OK said…
The country where rape and sexual assaults in Europe is most intensive. A quarter of women being harassed or raped every year.
5. Sri Lanka
(here more an undeveloped civilization. From now on I won’t say undeveloped civilization. Because of the sophistication of a civilization is not measured by his money. The development of a country “people, science is measured by the value of the soul.)
Even when security forces detained him abuse and rape women. Men in Sri Lanka 15% of raped and abused at least once in their lives has been renewed.
6. The South African
rape-year average number of 70.000. This number is NOT including other sexual assault and abuse. In South Africa, 25% of men in jail because of rape and the case was questioned.
7. France
wasn’t rape even a crime in this country until 1980. Still in the year, over 75,000 women are raped. Laws to protect women are inadequate. Today this number is much higher.
8. The U.S.
rape in the country where are concentrated most of the world. In these cases, rape victims and 10% of male out of every 6 women are raped and abused every one and one of 33 men. Furthermore, this situation begins around the age of 13-14 the victims yet. An important part in the family stuff that happened.
9. Germany
is the most intense in the world where rape and molestation is one of the European countries. More than 2 million women have been sexually assaulted. Although in humanity there is a backward movement in technology improved. This number today, more and more.
10. In England
“civilisation the cradle of Europe in this country in full each year up to 85,000 women are raped, and here again, this number has increased.
Some facts about rape :
→rape victims 44% of under the age of 18.
→Rape victims, 80% are under the age of 30
→highest rates of rape and sexual assault are sexually assaulted every 107 seconds in the United States where a woman, molested is exposed.
→Incidents of rape and 68% are not reported to the police
→those who committed crimes rape 98% of the day 1 even has not entered the prison.
→Perpetrators of rape are raped know the person who was previously 4/5 among the people.
IWF (Internet monitoring Agency) report and the current data 2016.
In the church choir in Germany ’60 years Child was abused 567’
that were released in Germany in an official report; the choir regensburger domspatzen boy named more than 60 years of physical and sexual abuse were alleged to have suffered a period of 567 members.
The report accused the employees of failing to intervene in the choir. The 49 members of the Catholic Church, between 1945 and the early 1990s, is suspected to have committed these crimes. Events among the accused to remain silent was ex-Pope Benedict XVI’s brother Georg Ratzinger for 30 years and manages the choir.
The report author, Ulrich Weber, “Ratzinger turned his head the other way and failing to intervene can be blamed for what happened,” he said. Highly unlikely events take a long time because of the processing of criminal suspects is logged
Research on this topic before writing this article I spoke to in La was found in psychologists who helped the victims. I’m going to talk about this again in the future post, but briefly the lives of the remaining victims “living dead” in the form of lives.
The victims of what they have experienced “prison is hell, and the concentration camp” like they said. Some things “attributed to the culture of silence. A lawyer who is hired to investigate the incident, Ulrich Weber, Regensburger Domspatzen boarding school in both elementary and high school indicated that the alleged crimes were committed. The school made a statement yet regarding the allegations. Ulrich Weber, physical abuse and sexual harassment cases uncovered as a result of research 67 500 said. He added that some of these children are victims of both types of abuse.
The scope of the research has not been achieved because some of the older students, it is thought that the actual number can be increased up to 700. In the report, nine of the church members involved in sexual harassment 49 suggest. Allegations of sexual harassment has been raised in the thousand year choir 2010. The church offered 5 thousand and 20 thousand euros in compensation to the victims. The Catholic Church has been raised in recent years, allegations of sexual harassment
Every 45 seconds in America a woman is raped(within 3 years this rise a very distressed state)
According to the official report of the Federal Ministry of Health in America, 18-year-old girl Virgin 28 percent of students 72 percent in prostitution. 40 percent of 15-year-old girls involved in prostitution. One of 25 students and has been caught in one of Contracting a sexually transmitted disease or AIDS. According to the official report of the center for combating rape in the U.S., the U.S. is the country within minutes, 1,3; day and 683 thousand in the year 1900 women and girls, rape is rape. This figure records that are reported to the police. Those who do not complain are exempt. One out of every 8 girls and women getting raped. The child that is being born in the United States is around per day 9077 OS 1282% the Father is not known. At least 30 percent of births out of wedlock, or according to some sources, 45 percent. Nature for every 10 children at least 4% out of wedlock. Out of wedlock birth parents non-birth is separate from specific. The former U.S. Vice President Gore, the U.S. population is 64 million 250 million 250 thousand are the result of births out of wedlock. Recorded and persistent sexual abuse (rape), finding the number is 5 million years. Rape for adults only, and isn’t just for the ladies; the percentage of boys was 22% and when raped, are being raped.
Approximately 20 percent of women in the United States is subject to rape or attempted rape at some point in their lives. In America more than 24 people per minute, rape, aggressive violence or are exposed to Monitoring. 12 million was made, it was stated that a criminal complaint of this nature. According to research, in a previous year in America, more than 1 million women reported having been raped. More than 12 million male and female remaining within a year, their sexual partners reported that they were the target of rape and physical violence. They take their share of the so-called rape rape men too.
The so-called “democracy” is dominated by the USA in some states, gay marriages in most European countries, married couples have all the rights that we were given. The U.S., rape is one of the world’s most experienced countries. While there was a sexual assault every 2 minutes in the United States, a woman is experiencing the assault of 250,000 each year. In France, every 4 days a woman is killed, and every year over 25,000 women are raped. In Italy every three days a woman, her boyfriend, wife, or ex-partner killed. One of every five women in the Netherlands, on the severity of her boyfriend. Divorce rates in Russia To 33% in UK, 32 in France, 19 in such high numbers. As shown in Contemporary civilization, Muslims in Europe, who are in perverted relationship with his mother and father despite all obstacles, the number of people is 8%, and continues at such a high rate.
‘Gay marriage’ in a secular democratic country on the 18th released: USA, England, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Wales, Luxembourg, Ireland, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico.
“We have sent the Prophet LUT. He said to his people: “the nations before you (none of which has done prostitution? You you’re getting close to men instead of women, you are in fact a nation that goes to quite the extreme,” he said.” (A 80-81)
Ten was sexually abused thousands of children in Australia
in Australia, the Royal Commission investigating child sexual abuse, churches, schools and revealed that he was sexually abused tens of thousands of children in state institutions.
The Royal Commission, which was founded in 2012 by former Prime Minister Julia Gillard instructions, five-year research has released a report that contains.
In five years, more than 8 thousand victims of sexual harassment, listening to the phone with people she met on 42 thousand, and thousands of people to rate the institution on the complaint according to the report, churches, schools, sports clubs and government agencies including ten thousand 4 thousands of children sexually abused in the institution.
The report, “tens of thousands of children were sexually abused in institutions in Australia, but we’ll never know the exact number. It’s a matter of these rotten apples not severely affected by the major institutions of society have failed. Regardless of the figure, the most trusted of our institutions over many generations held a national tragedy.”
The perpetrators in child abuse, mostly clergy and teachers, given that, according to the report, 62 percent of abuse against children with the institutions of the Catholic Church.
In order to prevent child abuse in more than 400 proposal was included in this report.
The Site Of The World’s Most Child Abuse In Europe
In Europe, which publishes Internet sites hosting child sexual abuse images and videos rose to the first rank in the world.
UK-based Internet watchdog Foundation (IWF) in 2016, according to the report, 60 percent of child abuse content worldwide comes from Europe.
Also included in the report in the context of the European Region, Turkey and Russia
in the past, a large portion of Internet addresses containing child sexual content are taking place in the United States, while Europe ranks first across the United States and Canada by 2016.
Child abuse on the internet,
IWF 2016 Report
→Published images of abuse of children under 10 years of age is 53 percent.
→Contains about a third of child rape or sexual torture pictures.
→Last year, 335 thousand from 50 countries housed displays containing the internet address 57 child abuse.
The internet watch Foundation child abuse images from the internet that contain who has been working for the removal of a non-governmental organization.
Child abuse in North America decreased by 19 percent, while in Europe 2015 2016 containing links increased at a rate of 20 percent.
As to why America is on the decline in North America of a notice of put into effect new laws that would require Internet sites with this content as being shown.
In Turkey, The “Civilized” Western Civilization Is Coming To
In respect of sexual crimes in Turkey, to be integrated to the West. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) “or the children brought from the security units,” according to the data in Turkey in 2014, 377 thousand ( % ) male 718 thousand 9% 95 11 thousand children were subjected to sexual crimes girl. 57.6 percent of children in the age group 15-17 who are subjected to sexual crimes, the age group of 12-14 percent 23.9 per cent and 18.5%, 11 years and under created. The related parties according to the number of crimes in this area, only 15% has been the subject of the complaint, and can be included in official statistics. Others is being covered up, or even if they are themselves victimized by the community would be condemned on the grounds that it is not exposed.
103 Of The Turkish Penal Code. Article 1. paragraph who has not completed the age of 15 child sexual abuse offenders could be given a prison sentence of up to 15 years. The Constitutional Court found that the penalties with the new law took effect in January 2017 17 heavy and sexual abuse against children under the age of 15 could be reduced to 3 years prison sentences for offenders. I really think they gave a lot, a little more could have been reduced to this. 😒
Turkish Statistical Institute (turkstat), according to the crimes of sexual assault increased by 30 percent in the last five years. 409 on trial for rape in the last 15 years cops, soldiers, seal, Ranger, and none of the guards has been punished.
50 percent of rape victims under the age of 18. 90% of them girls, 10 percent are boys. 55 percent of children between the ages of 5-10 are victims of incest. 40 percent of children between the ages of 10-16 are victims of incest.
Women calling the helpline in the face of physical violence and 57 percent of Emergency 46,9% sexual violence, incest and rape are exposed to 14.6 percent from 8.6 percent.
In Turkey, sexual assault-related crimes, an increase of around 400 percent. Democratic governments in Turkey, sexual assault crimes every day “Civilized” to Western civilization is rapidly coming.
No. 5349, which was adopted on 11.05.2005.adultery adultery with married man and woman Lu the latest changes to the law removed from the scope of the crime.
The fish stink from the head in order, government agencies, kapitalistlesmis environment, the mosquito, the disease produces. Swamp fighting mosquitoes without drying will not result. The faith of monotheism without being dominant moral advice, like trying to fill a hole in the water into the container. Infected people into prostitution, venereal diseases as well as mental disorders, psychological abnormalities and their surroundings and fall into sapiklastik about everything you need to keep in mind that every aspect of They’re uncomfortable with.
Our sin, shame, and eventually being banned, which tends to subtract from the modern secular mentality, it difficult to use and harm in the name of freedom only in the fact of prostitution, prostitution does not much concern the devastating effects of this on individual and society thinking owners.
When adultery and prostitution are mentioned in sector, only the luxury houses or brothels come to mind society’s preferred appointments. It was shuttle trade, doing business with sheath, ‘Natasha, “Nice” hotels, attractions, beaches, massage parlours and just about anything imaginable can be a tool in this industry. “Friendship” and “beloved” with the name of common-law relationships, obscene films, pornographic publications, over the internet, trafficking in women, girls, great Middle East project culture, night clubs, rich women that serves “Gigolo” called men, transvestites, transsexuals, gays, models, and issues of prostitution such as drug use when considering the size of the swamp can be evaluated. All this under the auspices of the state, and the law recognizes them as right thanks to the freedom that is given when opponents can be charged. On the Internet, the daytime soap operas, films, and illicit sex in relationships is normalized and even encouraged in the case of a dissolute life as far as I can see
In Turkey, there are examples of this. Hundreds of women, harassment and murder, child abuse, and Münevver Karabulut in Sakarya, Syrian-Armenian killings in the memory of some of the remaining examples.
So What Are Good Hosta Places The Lowest?
The countries with the lowest are Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Algeria, has half the population of the world, although the People’s Republic of China, the former, according to data from Denmark, Iran, and again, interestingly, Ukraine.
While being victimized in rape cases, which are very low in Azerbaijan in 2003 to 49 In 2010, this number fell to 16 with a large drop.
In 2003, 49
In 2004, 25
in 2005, 44
in 2006, 35
in 2007 34
2008 25
2009 35
2010 16
Saudi Arabia
in 2003, 44
in 2004, 52
in 2005, 62
in 2006, 72
in 2006, 95
in 2007, 95
in 2008 to 125
in 2009, 158
in 2010, 176 women were raped.
Of the People’s Republic of China
in 2003, 70
in 2004, 92
in 2005, 99
in 2006, 96
in 2007, 107
in 2008, 105
in 2009 to 136
in 2010, 112 women were raped.
472 in 2003 and
2004, 562
in 2005, 475 in
2006 to 527
in 2007 to 492
in 2008 to 396
in 2009, 400 women were raped.
in 2003 1048
964 2004
2005 924
2006 to 993
in 2007, 878
in 2008 to 880
in 2009, 758
in 2010, 635 women were raped.
in 2003 to 723
in 2004 to 630
in 2005 to 376
in 2006, 495
in 2007 and 836
in 2008, 812 person is raped.
in 2003 1604
1638 in 2004 and
in 2005, 1694
in 2006 1783
in 2007 1148
1071 women were raped in 2008.
Every 4 hours, with 1 woman being raped
, 38 percent of women in remains a victim of physical or sexual violence at some time in their lives. The woman died due to male violence in the last year at least 294 victims and 89% of the violence experienced does not refer to any institution…
According to the data of the human rights Association in Turkey, every 4 hours, and 1 woman being raped or male are exposed to violence. According to the platform we’re going to stop female homicides in 2014, 294 women lost their lives while at least 5 women who were killed due to male violence, 4 weapons and were killed by a sharp instrument. Even college graduates have been victims of violence at least once 75 percent of female employees.
Özgecan Aslan in Tarsus, Mersin after the murder of a college student, all violence against women in Turkey, almost began mobilization against harassment and rape. Women expressed a reaction out on the street, and in many media campaigns including social media was launched. However, research and Statistics reveal that violence against women is Turkey’s report card is pretty bad. Various non-governmental organizations and research universities that emerged in the figures, the majority of women reveals that from a young age has been exposed to violence or sexual assault.
Hacettepe University and Ministry of family and social policies in 2014 ‘undertook a survey of domestic violence against women in Turkey. Ayşenur Islam, the Minister of the report of the first assembly was held in 2008 to share data. The research that is performed again after a 6 year hiatus the Summary section of paint a picture even black. April-July between 11 thousand thousand households from the scope of the research conducted in 78 provinces 13 403 247 talks with.
‘The complainant’s 11 percent’
The findings in the report are as follows;
– 36 percent of married women are exposed to physical violence at the hands of the man she was with spouse or.
– Physical violence of every 10 women in 1% of during pregnancy continues.
– 38 percent of women at some time in their lives physical and/or sexual violence remains a victim of.
– 12 percent of married women experiencing sexual violence.
– Without completing 26 percent of women 18 years of age are given in marriage.
– 44 percent of women of violence, doesn’t say a word to anyone.
– Out of every 10 women, 3% responded as physical violence and leaving his home for a short time.
– The corporate rate is only 11 percent of applicants.
– More than 80 per cent of women, age at marriage, type of marriage and knows the law regarding cost sharing, by contrast, 60 percent of women are ignorant because you do not need to get permission from the wife to work.
– Half of women who married at an early age, physical and/or sexual violence, while women marry later than 18, the rate goes to 3 in 1..
– 9 percent of women in childhood (before 15 years of age are exposed to sexual abuse. This 29 percent, father, stepfather, brother, brother, grandpa, uncle, and uncle a male relative outside, 38 per cent are foreigners, neighbors, 15 percent is composed of.
– Of every 10 women, 3% at least 1 times in their lives, phone calls, text message, letter, or by e-mail are being harassed.
– In Turkey, physical and/or sexual violence who have suffered the vast majority of women (89 percent) has been applied to the institution or institutions. Among the references in the very low rate, it is seen that the maximum is referenced to the police.
The tourmore
Sexual harassment is defined as sexually explicit lyrics of the measures for the punishment of sexual crimes in Turkey where the person who was harassed to make a complaint you need. Sexual harassment physical contact of a sexual assault that occurred 2 years of imprisonment for crimes of thought stipulates a prison sentence of 2 years to 10 years. Sexual intercourse doesn’t have to be the attacker of the attack to be punished. For example, attempted rape, or molestation, it is considered sexual assault. Is placed in a separate category of rape, and rape the penalty of imprisonment from 7 to 12 years.
Sexual crimes related to the law adopted in France there is a similar arrangement in Germany. The broad scope of rape in French law is kept. Threat or ‘sudden’ actions challenging behaviors sexuality, rape is considered. Sentences may go up to 20 years in prison. The word stipulates high fines and imprisonment for up to 2 years for repeated sexual abuse.
Since the entry into force of the Law of sexual offences in Italy, it’s been some time hardened. Eye tuck in sexual assaults in marriage, until the legal regulation entered into force in 1996. However, coercive sexual acts in a marriage for 20 years and sentenced to a jail term of 10 years.
In Switzerland, however, in the case of rape definition of sexual intercourse is being used. Other unwanted sexual behaviors ‘sexual coercion’ is called. However, the prescribed penalties are the same: up to 10 years imprisonment. To say that the victim’s defensive action has occurred both in the resistance of the victim against the perpetrator needs to be determined consciously to come. Among the actions considered to be of coercive psychological pressure. Of rapes that occur within a marriage is subject to penalty in Switzerland since 2004.
Swedish Penal Code foresees imprisonment of up to 2 years in of the body be left bare. A person in a vulnerable state to take advantage of the person in question may be asleep or under the influence of drugs, rape is defined as. Who can’t keep himself out of fear with legal regulations changed in 2013 to break the harmony or the persons who are no longer faced with the pressure towards rape is classified as sexual actions.
Regulations differ according to the state of the United States in relation to sexual crimes. But the difference between the States is large. Features while in some states the laws are quite liberal, some quite conservative. Since 2014 the law in force in California, “Yes means Yes” rule apply. Accordingly, before sexual act for both partners say “yes”, at least by the gesture of approval is required. However, these rules apply to everyone, not just those who have studied at the University of the state they include. Because in the United States, especially in universities remarkably high rate of sexual crimes. U.S. President Barack Obama was personally attempt this topic. The White House at the end of 2014, the rest of sexual coercion by fellow students not to remain silent faced with made the call.
Saudi Arabia
Would impose penalties for sex crimes in Saudi Arabia. Of the crime of rape the penalty is death. However, the size of the penalty, The perpetrator of the rape depends on whether you’re married or single. Married men taking stiff penalties. However, Saudi Arabia is in the active state is defined that during rape you if you can take the punishment the victim himself. While meeting another man has been raped, if the woman be sent to prison or flogging. The United Arab Emirates, Jordan or in other Arab countries such as Lebanon, however, the rapist can receive a penalty if the victim is married to.
A second or civil law, we, like other countries, haven’t you got from Switzerland?
Yes, we bought it from them. Well, every one of them, while two women involved in this case in the us, why less?
I was curious and I looked up. Guess what I met. They are also being given the same punishment, we are also being given the same punishment. Well then, why don’t we less. The law in this situation I entered when I couldn’t find the family and community structure. And I looked, and what remained in them what is such a thing as the concept of family in the community. This is holding back the pressure of the society in Turkey. We will return them to us if it goes like this but not much. For example, if you harass someone passing by at any moment, people will be lynched instantly. This kind of cases this fear in Turkey for less. So there How do you know? If they did the same thing there, people will support him from behind to give you sweet, let me help asks if you want them, because concepts such as community and family have disappeared. They forgot their humanity.
There drink Free, adultery free. He’s drinking and doesn’t know what it’s going to rape the first person that comes to the front. Well this is all going to this event in a way alcoholic. No. These cases only 10% of the part with this situation is happening. So there they find the head off and then drug release drug…. No, the room again, this event of 10% covers a portion.
Ukraine is just… there it was a little weird rape and harassment free. Nobody draws the line at. I think it’s weird some have such a low rate compared to other countries. Don’t you think? I looked it up. But I couldn’t find no data on 2010. But this wasn’t enough for me. I tried to get information from living in Ukraine. When I asked even if I know such a thing, and it’s not my problem if you can’t find a result in the form of answers I got. Don’t know what the hell is going on where a person lived? They really didn’t know. They investigated and showed a few of the articles of the Constitution. The punishment ranges between 6 months and 3 years of rape, only the penalty is so light. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any data on 2010. Based on the data of 2010 data that about 8 times the truth. But no one raped is being raped right next to you in what you are disturbed. When I asked the local people in Ukraine, no one said he wasn’t bothered by this situation and that didn’t work. In the event of adultery even rape people in Ukraine that unusual you don’t see anymore. No one is upset about this. Rape, in which he seems perfectly happy with this situation. When I asked again the people of Ukraine, prostitution research and Incident Response, according to a report an 18-year-old girls that I have observed have a rate close to America. According to statistics, the 18-year-old girls and 35% of remaining a virgin is 65% of the crime of prostitution if it was mixed with. This situation is not disturbed even ebebeyin. Age of 15 for prostitution in Ukraine is a result of the research as has been mentioned. Have a lot of alcohol use, and 15-year-old individuals, 83% of alcohol has been admitted and they found previously. But in what state officials What the citizens of Ukraine, isn’t bothered by alcohol and adultery and rape. The requirement to conduct research on this topic is not even heard.
You get your foot in you: theft, rape, harassment cases, such as in a modern manner and will not judge.
Okay honey…I don’t know what something like that like we never judge
… But judge what happens as a result.
Crime must be judged according to the age of the age in which. No one can say that they stood up and we we are the place modern, modern in a way we judge. Perhaps you may be experiencing in the modern way, but once committed that crime, not modern. You can’t judge a human to an animal abandon you. You can’t judge a person like an animal. If it is the fault of the age in which crime should be according to age yargilanilm. Harassment, rape, robbery, medieval is a crime. All of these crimes at that time in the sentence is evident. There was rape, castrated and beheaded all over the world for system, cutting hands for theft and death sentences were there.
In the Ottoman Empire who ruled the world for 700 years, why there were only 6 burglaries, and these, after which time it happened?
I’ll tell you, after the period of kanuni Sultan Süleyman was a Shaykh of the observatory after she said it was because of the plague. After that deterioration began. Until that day, the people living in the Ottoman Empire was in no trouble. They were teaching the whole world to fly because they are like an emerald Phoenix. Mind was also a wing while the other wing was the heart. They until then were flapping on both wings, and every second she strengthening her wings more humanity, giving humanity a lesson. More and more people were dying every second. Were nearing perfection in every moment. The distance from the conversation at any moment by filling it with Allah, him more suspicious.
We have to do today is exactly what we need. We will develop our wings to the whole world and we re-we’ll give you a lesson in humanity. We don’t have time to empty. Thinking we need to evolve.
We weren’t sent to us to represent God on the earth already? See Qur’an 30.Verse. Then we need to think. We’re human. You need to get more perfection always. Never perfect as a human being was not created. Not even the prophets were perfect. Human was created to achieve perfection. From 0 to 1 and the closer to think about it. Remember that you heard the Sermon after the prayer every Friday.
(QURAN Nisa 90. VERSE)

BBC Turkish Site
, the Quran-the verses of the Qur’an
name a few psychologists who wouldn’t give
some of them to my questions that help Internet groups and friends.
Turkey/Preacher Brook St
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the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxi


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